May. 21st, 2008 @ 10:25 pm Your speed and your MPG
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You've probably always heard that you save a lot in fuel economy by going 55 as opposed to 65.  I've decided to test this.  This test was done in a 2007 BMW MINI Cooper  on a ~4 mile stretch of SR-8 N in Ohio.  I got on the highway at Graham Road and set the cruise control at the desired speed and held the vehicle in 6th gear.  When I hit a certain point, I reset the gas mileage counter on the vehicle. Then ~four miles down the road at another predetermined point, I recorded the gas mileage.  No braking was done, nor manual acceleration (all done by cruise control), nor gear shifting (kept in 6th gear), however there were a couple of lane changes required which would have minimal effect on the gas mileage.  Here are the results!
Speed    MPG      1000 Mile cost ($4.009/gal)
55       47.5     $84.40
65       41.1     $97.54
70       36.9     $108.64

Here is the route taken  [maps_google_com]

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